Laboratory Product

K3 EDTA VACUUM TUBE, Available In 13*75(2 Ml,3ml,4ml), 13*100( 5ml, 6ml) With Gama Sterilization And Also Non-Sterilization. With Purple Cap Tube Which Is Use For The Hematology Test In Pathology Laboratory, Its Primary Use Is For The C.B.C And Individual Components Of The C.B.C

PLAIN/CLOT ACTIVATOR VACUUM TUBE Available In 13*75(2 Ml,4ml), 13*100( 5ml, 6ml) With Gama Sterilization And Also Non-Sterilization. With Red Cap Tube Which Is Use For The Biochemistry Test In Pathology Laboratory, Its Primary Use Is For The Separating Serum Form The Blood, Clot Timing Is Less

SODIUM/ LITHIUM HEPARIN Available In 13*75(4ml,5ml)16*100(7ml*10ml)With Gama Sterilization And Also Non-Sterilization Heparin Tube. The Interior Of The Tube Wall Is Coated With Lithium Heparin Or Sodium Heparin To Inhibit Clotting. The Anticoagulant Heparin Activates Antihrombins, Thus Blocking The Coagulation Cascade And Producing A Whole Blood / Plasma Sample Instead Of Clotted Blood And Serum

CLOT ACTIVATOR GEL TUBE Available In 13*75(3.5ml,4ml), 13*100( 5ml), 16*100(7ml,10ml) With Gama Sterilization And Also Non-Sterilization. With Yellow Cap Tube Which Is Use For The Biochemistry Test In Pathology Laboratory, Its Primary Use Is For The Separating Serum Form The Blood, Clot Timing Is Less

SODIUM CITRATE VACUUM TUBE Available In 13*75(2ml) With Gama Sterilization And Also Non-Sterilization. The Tube Should Be Inverted Several Times Immediately After Blood Collection To Prevent Coagulation. Light Blue-Top Tube (Sodium Citrate): Tube Contains Sodium Citrate As An Anticoagulant. This Tube Is Used For Preparing Citrated Plasma For Coagulation Studies.

SODIUM FLUORIDE VACUUM TUBE Available In 13*75(2ml,4ml) With Gama Sterilization And Also Non-Sterilization. To Compare Glucose Values Obtained Using Sodium Fluoride (Naf) Tubes And Serum Separation Tubes (Sst) In A Tertiary Care Hospital Laboratory Setting.

URINE CONTAINER Available in 3ml,50ml In Blue Cap Red Cap An White Cap, Smell Proof, Leak Proof, And Dustproof With E.T.O Sterilized Container Use For Proper Collection Of Urine Specimens Is Important To Avoid Contamination Of The Specimen Or Deterioration Of Urine Constituents. ... If The Specimen Is Avoided Specimen, It Is Important To Provide Patients With Instructions For Proper Collection.

PIPETTE TIPS Pipette Tips Made Of Polymer Plastic Material And Tips Are Graduated With Marking Of Different Size Value Pipette Tips Are Disposable, Autoclavable Attachments For The Uptake And Dispensing Of Liquids Using A Micropipette. Micropipettes Can Be Used In A Number Of Laboratories, A Research/Diagnostic Lab Can Use Micro Pipette Tips To Dispense Liquids Into A Well Plate For Pcr Assays.

MICRO CENTRIFUGE TUBE Available In 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2ml With Marking Scale The Eppendorf Tube – Simple And Safe Sample Preparation With The “Eppi” Tube The Eppendorf Tube Is The Micro Centrifuge Tube Gold Standard In Labs That Handle Small Volumes Of Liquids. In Life Science And Biological Labs, A Micro Centrifuge Tube Is Used For All Sorts Of Applications From Sample Storage To Running Reactions And Spinning Down Or Separating Samples. Whatever Experiments You Are Conducting, If You Work With Small Volumes Of 5 Ml Or Less You Will Likely Need Micro Centrifuge Tubes In Your Lab. Synonymous With The Micro Centrifuge Tube, The Eppendorf Micro Centrifuge Tube (Eppendorf Tube), Has Built A Name For Itself In The Scientific Community With Their Superb Quality And Commitment To Excellence

CENTRIFUGE TUBE 15 Ml Centrifuge Tubes Are Available As Clear Polyethylene Terephthalate (Pet) Tubes With A Traditional Plug Seal Cap Or Polypropylene (Pp) Tubes With Either Plug Seal Caps. The Cap Has An Easy-On/Easy-Off Top And Offers Advanced Ergonomics With Its Wider Knurls And Roll-Over Edge Design. All Tubes Come In A Variety Of Packaging Options. • Sterile, Certified No pyrogenic And Danes-/Rnase-Free • Black Printed Graduations And A Large White Marking Spot

RAPID TEST CARD All Test Card Available Dengue(Ns1/Igg/IgM), Malaria Antigen(Pv/Pf), Hiv, Hbsag, Pregnancy Kit, Chikungunya

A MICROSCOPE SLIDE A Microscope Slide Is A Thin Flat Piece Of Glass, Typically 75 By 26 Mm (3 By 1 Inch) And About 1 Mm Thick, Used To Hold Objects For Examination Under A Microscope. Typically The Object Is Mounted (Secured) On The Slide, And Then Both Are Inserted Together In The Microscope For Viewing.

PAP SMEAR KIT Contain Swab Stick, Glass Slide Cyto Brush, And Stick A Pap Smear Is A Screening Tool That Can Help Doctors Detect Abnormal Cells And Cancer. It Works By Sampling Cells From The Cervix. Cervical Cancer Screening Is Vital For Getting An Early Diagnosis Of Cervical Cancer.

SWABSTIC WITH WOODEN APPLICATOR Product Amount: Comes With Large Quantities Of Cotton Swabs, Enough And Sufficient For You To Use, Disposable Cotton Swabs For Clean And Health Material: Made Of Cotton And Wood, Sturdy Cotton With Less Lint Than Regular Swabs, A Wood Stick Of Smooth Surface, The Cotton Of A Tip Is Thickened And Soft Size Details: Each Cotton Stick Is Around 15 Cm/ 6 Inch In Length, Proper Size For Using, Pocket-Size That Suitable For Carrying Around And Storing, Useful Tools For Life Emergencies Extensive Usages: Versatile Tools For Cleaning, Detailing, And Drawing With Paint, Glue, Also Can Be Taken For Model Making, Ceramic Rocks, Jewelry, Fabric, And Crafts, Multi-Functional Tools

SLIDE CARRYING TRAY Made Metal And Which Used For The Carrying More Glass Slide To One Place To Other Place

SLIDE HOLDER Made By Metal Which Is Used For The Drying The Glass Slide

PLASTIC PASTEUR PIPETTE (DROPPER) Plastic Pasteur Pipettes Also Referred To As Transfer Pipettes, Have Their Stems And Bulbs In The Form Of A Single Piece Made Of Soft Plastic Such As Polyethylene. The Bulb Portion Is Thinner And Therefore "Squeezable", While The Pipette Portion Is Thick Enough To Be Rigid. They Commonly Come In 1, 2, 3, And 5 Ml Which Comes With A Specific Drop Size Of 10, 20, 25, 35, And 50 ?L. The Volumes Are Usually Marked On The Stem, Though The Markings Are Rather Crude And Are Not Particularly Accurate. A Plastic Dropper Is Relatively Inexpensive And Disposable, So It Is Often Used To Avoid Cross-Contamination. In A Solution Containing Cell And/Or Protein, It Reduces The Loss Of Cell And/Or Protein That Binds To Glass. Some Plastic Pipettes Include A Long Flexible Tube That Can Be Bent For Drawing Solutions From Small Volume Tubes.

THERMEL PAPER ROLL Used In Hospital And Laboratory For The Printing

MICRO PIPETTE Variable And Fixed Both Are Available Size: 0ul To 10ul ,10ul To 100ul, 100ul To 1000ul High Accuracy And Performance. Click Stop Digital System. Easy Calibration And Maintenance. Separate Streamlined Tip Ejector. Autoclavable Tip Cone Assembly. Color May Vary.

TISSUE ROLL/PAPER All Type Of Tissue Paper And Roll Are Available

TIPS STAND BOX Available For All Size, Pp Material Is Used And Very Easy To Fix Tips On Pipettes

TEST TUBE STAND 50 Tubes Capacity With Specific Number And Alphabetic On Perticuler Tube, Folding Stand, East To Fix And Unfix, Plastic Material Used

BINOCULAR MICROSCOPE Led Light Source 45 Degree Butterfly Head Wide Field 20x Eyepiece All Objective Is Achromatic Semi Plan Din Size

BINOCULAR MICROSCOPE Led Light Source Din Size Objective Achromatic Eye Piece 10x20 Mm

DIGITAL CENTRIFUGE 8 Tube Timer Nd Rpm Display 5000 Rpm Electronic Regulator

DOCTOR CENTRIFUGE 8 Tube Angel Head 3500 Rpm Electronic Regulator

CENTRIFUGE MACHINE 8 Tube Swing Head 3500 Rpm Metal Body Step Regulator

Elastic Arm Tourniquet with Plastic Buckle. It has a stretchy strap that helps in easy adjustment. SIZE: Adjustable cuff size from 2 inches to 5-inch diameter. EASY TO USE: The product can be used with much ease. It is designed to improve the comfort level of the patient. WARRANTY: Warranty is not applicable to this product. APPLICATION: Applicable to medical institutions in routine treatment and blood transfusion, emergency hemostasis, etc.

1.5-inch Heavy superior Tourniquet band is used to fasten the upper arm. That intensifies pressure becomes large. Gentle on the skin & easy to use. Adjustable cuff size.